Thursday, September 3, 2009 Review - Scam or Not?

Have you seen yet? In this time of recession we are all looking for more ways to make money. Work at home jobs are what is putting food on the table right now. In my search through the thousands of online work at home sites I found one that peaked my interest, is a web site that offers you cash to upload files and then get others to download them. They offer to pay you per download.

There are countless sites like this on the internet and the majority of them pay next to nothing and most of the time you don’t receive a payment at all. With so many scams out there we are all wary of trying a new site. We can’t afford to waste a week of work to see if we will get paid. The only option we have is to research the site and look for reviews and comments about it. When I researched I liked what I saw. Plenty of users verifying that they had been paid and that the site was what it said it was. This would make it worth my time.

It is really easy to sign up and get started at You just fill out the registration form (basic questions like your name and address) and then you can start uploading files. What caught my eye on at first was the amount they offer. They offer between 30 and 60 cents per file that gets downloaded. Most websites of this nature offer you $10 dollars per 1000 downloads. This absurd number is the most common rate for paid download sites. is offering you up to $600 dollars per 1000 downloads. You can’t beat that. It gets better; you can cash out once you have made $10 dollars.

There are more then 18,000 users on Do you really think you can scam that many people and not be caught? If did not pay like they advertised, believe me it would be on the net. Too many at home workers are getting burnt daily. It is assuring to know that there is an honest site like out there.

Uploading files is easy. takes any kind of file. So if you have a lot of friends that like to download things, upload them on and every time your friends download it you will get paid. Once you have $10 dollars you can request payment from and it will take 3 days to process. One or two days after that you will see your money in your paypal account. They will even pay you by check but that can take 2 or more weeks.

To answer the question “Is a scam?”; no it is not a scam. is a reliable site that does pay you for your downloaded files. Try it and join the thousands already making cash.
Here are some proof of payments:

So what are you waiting for?? Join NOW!!